...to your Specialist for

             cycling & mountainbike-tours

            on Fuerteventura.

MAIL: fuertebike@yahoo.de


Wer give you the Chance to see  the nicest  parts

from Fuerteventura with us.

Our extensive tour-program offers you downhill–Radwanderungen

for young and alto, just as Mountainbike tours for each Könnerstufe.

Since our minibus accompanies you with almost each tour,

the possibility of the Bike exists anytime to transfer to the service-bus

nd to enjoy the beautiful surroundings from there

Come with us–and leaves you bewitch itself from the attractions Fuerteventuras

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Morro Jable  -  Jandia  -  Esquinco  -  Corralejo - Castillo de Fuste

FUERTEBIKE:  Tel: 0034 - 629 362 795  Fax. 0034 - 928 174 548